Happy Hands


Founded in 1976

Happy Hands Fine Tuners for 2017-2018

Happy Hands is a group of seniors who use Sign Language and meet monthly for potluck lunches, trips, workshops and other activities!

Guests are welcome!

Officers for 2017-2018

Chair: Don Ames
Vice Chair:Janet Blakely
Secretary: Cheryl Rockburn
Treasurer: Selina Gilson
Members-at-Large: Ross Gilson, Lois Herberger, Jill Moebus, and Rocky Rockburn
Newsletter Co-Editors: Paul & Peggy Daniels


June 2017 tidbits!

Happy Hands will have picnic on June 7. For picnic menu, please contact Cheryl Rockburn. For flyer, see form.


For more information about Happy Hands, please see Brochure. To join Happy Hands, see Membership Form. Please make check payable to NVRC / Happy Hands, and mail the form and check to NVRC/Happy Hands, 3951 Pender Drive Suite 130, Fairfax VA 22030.

For a copy of the 40th Anniversary Souvenir Book, see PDF.

For more information about Deaf Seniors of America, see: http://www.deafseniorsofamerica.org/dsa/.