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Scottish scientists developing a lip-reading hearing aid

May 7, 2015 in Community News, Hearing Loss & Deafness, Technology




SCOTTISH scientists are to create the first hearing aid that can read lips.

The gadget will use a tiny camera to identify the patterns of a speaker’s lip movements.

Cutting edge software will then translate the patterns into speech to be played in the wearer’s ear instantaneously.

The camera could be hidden discreetly in the earpiece itself or even in a pair of glasses or a piece of jewellery.

The camera will beam the words directly to the earpiece using wireless technology, switching between lip-reading and hearing modes depending on the acoustic environment.

Professor Amir Hussain from the University of Stirlingshire is leading the project, which is supported by Sheffield University, the Scottish section of the MRC Institute of Hearing Research at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and a number of manufacturers.

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Scottish Government Funds Course to Train Lip-reading Tutors

November 27, 2012 in Community News, Education & Outreach, Hearing Loss & Deafness

From STV, 11/11/2012

A course has been set up to train lip-reading tutors who will help people with hearing loss.

The Scottish Government-funded course will initially train just 14 students over nine months.   Read more . . . →