“I Can’t Hear You!” Program

Hearing plays a fundamental role in our ability to communicate with one another. It is a critical connection with our environment. People who age into their hearing loss don’t always know what they need to have a fuller life after their hearing deteriorates. They can start to feel left out of conversations and cut off from friends and family. Often they are frustrated and may even feel isolated. NVRC offers a free 3-part series called I Can’t Hear You! to teach people about hearing loss.  Our Outreach Specialists, who also have hearing losses, offer their insights during this popular series.

Part I   Do I Have a Hearing Loss?  What Can I do About it?  This session will focus on learning about our ears, how we can recognize hearing loss in ourselves and others, and how to get help.  The differences between an audiologist and a hearing aid dispenser will be explained, as well as the hearing evaluation and the audiogram.  Hearing aids will be discussed in detail, and there will be time ‘story-sharing’ at the end of the program.

Part II   “Techie Stuff” to the Rescue! Session II will be a hands-on demonstration of various everyday hearing assistive technologies which can be used along with or instead of hearing aids. These include amplified phones, in-line amplifiers, flashing alert systems, a PockeTalker Pro, and a TV listening system.  Learn about the latest incarnation of Technology Assistance Program, Loan to Own (L2O), funded through the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Part III   Living and Laughing with Hearing Loss The final session will focus on communication strategies, speech reading, local resources, and how to use humor to help us live with hearing loss.

Our 70-page booklet, “I Can’t Hear You!”, a $12.95 value, will be given with our compliments to all participants

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Meet our Outreach Specialists: Bonnie O’Leary is a late-deafened adult who has been living (and laughing) with hearing loss for the past 15 years.  She is a hearing aid wearer and uses a variety of assistive listening devices to help cope in different listening situations.  She has been providing educational outreach programs to seniors for NVRC since January, 2002, and received her certification in Peer Mentoring for People with Hearing Loss from Gallaudet University in June, 2007.  Bonnie welcomes hearing as well as hard of hearing participants to her programs since the information is beneficial to everyone.

Marla Dougherty is a late-deafened adult who started to lose her hearing in her early twenties. Her personal experience with the effects of hearing loss on daily communication and advantages of hearing aid use, provides a foundation for offering support and encouragement to others.  As part of NVRC’s outreach program, Marla invites hearing people, as well as those who are hard of hearing, to join her program.  To find out where we are presenting next or to schedule us to come to your facility, contact the outreach specialist in your area:


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