Education & Outreach

Empowerment through education is a major part of NVRC’s mission. Our programs in the community bring information and resources to people with hearing loss, introducing them to a range of possible solutions to improve the quality of their lives. These programs include:

  • “I Can’t Hear You!” – a 3-part series
  • “Hearing Aids – Beware and Be Wise”
  • “Grief and Hearing Loss”
  • “Speechreading: an Overview”
  • “Mis-communication or Missed Communication?”

NVRC also offers educational programs in our large, all-access meeting room which is equipped with an audio loop. CART is also offered at our programs, as well as sign language interpreters. Recent program topics at NVRC include:

  • Cochlear Implants
  • Making Your Home Accessible and Safe

“Deafness and Hearing Loss: The Communication Challenges” awareness trainings are also given to agencies, organizations, and businesses. These trainings are designed primarily for the hearing community: employers, caregivers, planners, business leaders, emergency responders, and others about the impact of deafness and hearing loss on communication.