Education & Outreach

Education empowerment through education is a major part of NVRC’s mission.  Our programs in the community bring information and resources to people with hearing loss, introducing them to a range of possible solutions to improve the quality of their lives.These programs include:

  • “I Can’t Hear You!” – a 3-part series
  •  “Hearing Aids – Beware and Be Wise”
  • “Grief and Hearing Loss”
  • “Speechreading: an Overview”
  •  “Mis-communication or  Missed Communication?”

NVRC also offers education programs in our large, all-access meeting room which is equipped with an audio loop.  CART is also offered at our programs, as well as sign language interpreters.  Recent program topoics at NVRC include:

  • Cochlear Implants
  • Making Your Home Accessible and Safe

Coping with Late-onset Hearing LossAwareness trainings are also given in the community to agencies, organizations, and businesses.  These trainings are designed to educate employers, caregivers, planners, and others who request information about the communication challenges of deafness and hearing loss.