Be Part of the Team

Volunteers are a big part of our team, helping NVRC to fulfill its mission. NVRC volunteers come from all parts of Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland and bring with them a variety of skills.

Volunteers may donate their time and skills to perform in-kind services such as interpreting or photography or help with general office work or events. Special events like NVRC’s annual Celebrate Communication couldn’t be offered free to the public without the assistance of volunteers.

It Just Feels Good

Giving back to the community is a big part of being a citizen in this country and here at NVRC we LOVE our volunteers. There is never enough time in a day to meet all the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community so every bit of help is grately appreciated.  We have fun working together and at the end of the day I guarantee you’ll feel good.

Occasionally, NVRC has a special project or a special event that could not be completed without our wonderful volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact NVRC’s Outreach Manager, Bonnie O’Leary, at boleary@nvrc.org.


NVRC.C.C.2010_0074-300x215Volunteers helping out at our
annual event Celebrate Communication!