Board of Directors

If you care deeply about the needs of persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, and want to be part of their empowerment, you will find membership on NVRC’s Board a wonderful way to be proactive and have a positive impact on not only deaf and hard of hearing people themselves but also the entire community.The by-laws require that 51% of the 15-member Board be deaf or hard of hearing. Board members serve a 3 year term, meet once a month, and are elected at the Annual Meeting at the end of each year.

A diversely composed Board of Directors is essential because NVRC’s constituency itself is highly diverse.Deaf and hard of hearing persons vary greatly in how they hear and communicate. A diverse Board helps ensure that no one’s needs or interests will be overlooked. Thus we strive for a Board composed of deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, interpreters, parents, teachers and other professionals working with deaf or hard of hearing people.

The Board is charged with governing the organization, supervising the expenditure of funds, establishing policies, monitoring contracts and enabling NVRC to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally established in 1988.  In doing this, Board members sit on various committees such as Finance, Governance, Nominations, Policy, Strategic Planning and Awards (Ad hoc).

Aside from their Board responsiblities, members are asked to help the organization financially and occasionally volunteer as needed. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact the office and you will be contacted by the Nominations Committee.

2017 Executive Committee
Eileen McCartin, Chair
Meg Duarte, Vice-Chair
Brad Staton, Treasurer
Pam Gannon, Secretary
William Boyd – past Chair

2017 Board of Directors
William Boyd
Tom Dowling
Meg Duarte
Cristina Duarte
Kay Ellis
Pam Gannon
Mark Hope
Kristie Ketchum
Ray Kovachik
Eileen McCartin
Alexa Schriempf
Brad Staton
Gary Viall
Steve Williams