2012 NVRC Annual Meeting:

A Great Wrap!

By Cheryl Heppner 12/17/2012

What fun we had at NVRC’s Annual Meeting on December 13, 2012!  If you weren’t there, we missed you!

As always our staff had decorated the offices and meeting rooms for the holidays and we enjoyed having our guests take a tour to soak up some cheer.  We planned a menu of old favorites like shrimp, cocktail meatballs, some health-conscious choices, and that old standby of cheese and crackers.  Bonnie’s profiteroles disappeared quickly, leaving the carrot cake, fruit tart, and chocolate log for those with a sweet tooth.  Debbie’s fabulous punch drew those with a thirst to the kitchen.

As our guests ate and chatted, they enjoyed a special Donor Recognition slide show listing the names of the hundreds of donors who have helped us continue to improve communication and change lives every day.  These were interspersed with scenes from some of NVRC’s activities in 2012.

Our program started with a welcome from Gary Viall, Chair of the NVRC Board of Directors.  This was followed by highlights from each of the NVRC staff.

Bonnie talked about the breadth and scope of NVRC’s outreach program and the strength of NVRC’s outreach team.  Using slides to show each Outreach Specialist’s territory in Northern Virginia, Marla and Debbie shared their special stories from 2012 and spoke about the wonderful work of two of our contractors, Joan Cassidy and Linda Miller, who could not attend the meeting.   Our newest contractor, Susan McCrary, introduced herself and spoke briefly about a special memory from her work in Prince William County.   Bruce Greenfield, our new Web Media Technologist, gave an update on plans for NVRC’s new website, and SB Morgaine, our new Interpreting and Transliterating Program Manager, gave a brief overview of how successful the program continues to be.  Finally, our new Director of Operations, Doris Mansfield, gave a quick summary of the work she has been doing in the office. I always love this part of the program because our staff does such great things and the teamwork is fantastic.

The other thing I looked forward to during the program was a bit of subterfuge, when interpreter Jan Nishimura was asked to stop signing so that we could give her much-deserved recognition for her dedication to helping our interpreter/transliterator program be successful.  As Interpreting Service Program Manager SB Morgaine said, “this incredibly talented interpreter is a person who is always there for us.”

Next the NVRC Board had a brief membership meeting to act on a motion to renew the terms of board members Bill Boyd and Kelly Mankin Anderson, and to recognize the work of two who are leaving the board: Margaret Groen and Mike Royer. Both will be greatly missed.

With business out of the way, it was time to find the lucky winners. First Kelly Faughnan was recruited to pick the tickets for eight door prizes.  This was followed by the drawing for the winner of the lovely quilt by Patti and Michael Pratuch which is special to me because it was made with some fabric that belonged to my mother.  Marta Cagle held the winning ticket and was happy to take the quilt home with her.  Do not despair if you were one of the quilt seekers; Patti told me she is already thinking about the next quilt she will donate. It should be ready for view at Celebrate Communication 2013.

Happy Holidays and thanks so much for helping NVRC to be a leader!


P.S. Please watch the picture review of the event!