10 Sound Reasons to Use a Hearing Aid or CI

April 29, 2014 in Hearing Loss & Deafness

By Gael Hannan On April 21, 2014gael_hannon

Listicle – my new word of the day.   List article listicle. 

You’re reading one right now – a hearing loss listicle (go ahead, say that tongue-twister out loud) – about  the little sounds we can hear thanks to amplification.

Sometimes a simple sound can make me pause, grateful and surprised, “I wouldn’t be able to hear THAT without hearing aids.”  In all the hoopla surrounding amplification, we have to remind ourselves why we spend so much time and energy and money on our hearing aids and cochlear implants.

The alternative is not being able hear these life-sounds.  And once we’ve had the joy of them, losing them to hearing loss can be painful.  I’m not talking about the big stuff – music, laughter, voices – but those little sounds that add audible significance to our day.  When they disappear or become fractured with hearing loss, we miss them.  . . .

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